December 22, 2022 3:26 pm

Dear Friends,

We hope to be able to stream all the Christmas masses, but unfortunately we are still having problems with our equipment. God willing it will all work!

Please also be aware of many computer scams going on right now. If someone calls you and tells you there is a problem with your account, or that you are not fully paid up on any program, or account, etc. Never agree to give any money or account details over the phone if someone CALLS YOU. If in doubt about a company who calls you, hang up and look up the number of that company and call them back yourself. Another scam is that you receive an email with an invoice for something you didn’t purchase, saying that your account has just been charged. This is an attempt to get you to call them back questioning your account details. Again, never give any account details over the phone if someone has called you.
Be safe and have a blessed Christmas.

Fr. Murchadh